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Steal This Huge Upgrade Of MOTION VIDEO INFOGRAPHICS at the "customers 

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WAIT...WHAT???? VIDEO Infographics??

Oh yeah! Here's what makes this the collection for 2020 that you MUST have!!

These are not just your run of the mill image infographics... these are VIDEO 

infographics. Infographic content done up motion style- in a video format!  

We don't know of ANYONE anywhere that creates and sells video infographics.

That means you have a unique opportunity to really share something new to 

your customers and clients... because we are giving you a PLR license to a crazy 

ONE HUNDRED video infographics. (sell as is, or use them as templates 

to create UNLIMITED video infographics on the fly!

Want to know our SECRET for driving high quality targeted viral traffic with content that literally  forces more clicks, more shares, more likes, and more eyes on your product or service?

High Quality Infographics

If you don't use Infographics on Social Media, then you're wasting clicks and views!

and Video Infographics create a traffic EXPLOSION!

Infographics are "liked" and "shared" on social media 3X more than other any other type of content...  

Facebook posts with images see 2.3X more engagement than those without images.

Tweets with images receive 150% more retweets than tweets without images.

Infographics were the B2B content marketing tactic with the biggest increase in use, from 2015 to 2016, up from 50% to 58%.

People following directions with text and illustrations do 323% better than people following directions without illustrations.

Eye-tracking studies show readers pay close attention to info-carrying images.Readers spend more time looking at the images than they reading text on the page

So Why Don't More People Use
Infographics In Their Marketing?

Infographic creation is BIG business! A high quality product can cost up to $500-$1000 or more to create.

That's because infographics create interesting bits of fact- and all that has to be thoroughly researched.

Then the facts get condensed into bite sized bits of knowledge. After that a graphic design team gets involved to create the image path, develop the color scheme and layout- from idea to final product, a good infographic can take weeks to produce a SINGLE high quality image.

Most Media Companies Will Charge You Up To $500 - $1000

For A Single Infographic!

That’s a lot of money to invest, and companies gladly pay it, because they know infographics connect with people and get shared.

Isn’t there an easier way?

I often use templates in my own business…

...that way, anytime I want to, I can just open up my image editor and edit the files to match my idea.

Then I thought to myself, “Hey... I bet other people would love to...




So We Went The EXTRA MILE And Made All The Graphic and Video Files Easy To Edit…


Whether you're targeting small to medium enterprises or big businesses, or marketing for yourself, every entrepreneur wants to turn to factual and empowering messages to grow their business.

And what better way to deliver it in the form of Infographics!

Most Media Companies Will Charge You Up To $500 - $1000

- Here's Exactly What You Are Going To Get -

100 Infographics Templates In PSD format

These Infographic templates are HIGH quality, well researched and extremely EASY to modify.

Use as is, or edit to suit your needs, and then use them to drive traffic to your brand.

High-Quality, Editable Images Files

All 100 of the Infographics were designed by a professional graphic designer. They are easy to 

editand personalize. You also get access to multiple, high-quality image files for maximum 

flexibility.They come in editable ppt, psd and Camtasia formats Plus rendered in Video 

MP4 and Static JPG! 

- Here's A Sneak Peek At The Files -

ALL PSD, PPT and CAMTASIA source files included! You can edit using Photoshop, Powerpoint or Camtasia to your heart’s content!

What if I don't have Photoshop?

Here's Good News!

Now you can edit the files even if you don't have Photoshop!

Along with your purchase, you will get access to a FREE software that allows you to edit PSD files!

Imagine All The Ways You Can Use
These Infographics

Facebook - build your FB page 'likes' by getting your photos shared! And go viral every time a user shares your photo with his circle of friends, in his group, or on his page. (TIP: add descriptions like "If you like this, SHARE this" and "SHARE if you agree" to increase your sharing rate by 300%!)

Twitter - Infographics shared on Twitter get 832% more ReTweets than any other types of images and even links to articles? [Source: MediaBistro]

Instagram - The latest in 'hot spot' social media image sharing platforms

Pinterest - Images posted on Pinterest enjoy great Google Search Engine placement.

Your blog post - use as instant content, no need to write a word!

Use on your sales copy to educate your prospects and increase sales conversions

Use as instant bonus material for your own products!

Print these infographics and publish as poster or for your DVDs , home study course, book, etc.

Can I Use These Infographics Right Away?

Yes You Can!

Even if you have no Paint program, Photoshop, or anything to edit the images,you WON'T BE embarassed to use these infographics the way they are!

Can I Use These Infographics Right Away?

You Can, Too!

That is because we are giving you the Developer Rights to this infographics package!

What this means is that you can edit, customize and rebrand the infographics to your liking - watermark your brand, embed your company logo, insert your website URL for viral social traffic. It's your choice (you may not sell them as is in a bundle, or give away). We are offering PLR rights as an upsell.

And When You Have These...

Professional Infographic Templates

Set Yourself Apart From Everyone Else Selling Content...

You Will Look More Professional...

Charge More Because Of High-Quality Appearance Of These Templates...

Want to know our SECRET for driving high quality targeted viral traffic with content that literally  forces more clicks, more shares, more likes, and more eyes on your product or service?

Get Access To This Bundle Of 100 High-Quality Infographics Files In Static AND Video Formats


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To Your Success,

Sajan Elanthoor

Justin Opay

PLR Rights

Can be used as-is to share on social media profiles, blogs, sales pages, websites

Can be edited and rebrands as your own

Can be edited and rebrand and sold to a client

Can be published as physical product (poster, course material)

Can sell in a package on JVZoo, Warrior+ or other sales platform

Can be offered as a bonus

Can be used by affiliates to promote your offers

Can be added to paid membership sites

Can be added to free membership sites

Can be used as content for your information products

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