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There’s no need to spend tons of time and money creating digital products for your online empire... Finally, get access to an insanely huge catalog of high-quality, epic PLR products created by pros.

Superb Quality Is Refreshing These Days...

The truth is, the offer for PLR products out there is so HUGE that it’s easy to get confused...

Plus, it’s not uncommon to feel extremely disappointed in the quality of some of them.

You see, most PLR products you can find online are low quality, and usually poorly written by content writers whose first language is not English.

What’s more, their graphics also look amateurish, and this projects the WRONG impression to your potential customers.

If you want to boost your business, you definitely need premium, legit and HIGH-QUALITY PLR products...

And That’s precisely What We Can Offer!

Our Ready-Made Digital Products Are:

Fresh, 100% unique, and created by a skilled and productive team of native English speakers who know what they’re doing.

Well-researched and superbly written -- Almost like a masterpiece... You’ll be surprised.

A business in a box, ready to be deployed -- Each product we sell has the potential to be a well-oiled online business, since we provide you with all of the tools to make that happen.

Created around HOT, best-selling niches: from spiritual, social marketing, self-help, and internet marketing to every imaginable niche… We’ve got you covered.

Affordable, and won’t break the bank -- Although the quality of our PLR products is premium, the prices we offer are unusually low... and unbeatable.

Versatile -- you can repurpose, repackage and sell these as your own (yes, you keep 100% of the revenue)

Enjoy An Ever Growing Collection Of Ready-Made

Digital Products In Different Attractive Formats:

We’re working hard every day to create outstanding PLR products so that you can take advantage of them,  and finally achieve your marketing goals.

That’s why we are super proud of offering a wide selection of dozens of PRL products in different hot niches full of buyers and in different formats for maximum convenience.

Engaging eBooks

Step-by-step videos

High-quality articles

Persuasive promotional email swipes

Jaw-dropping, eye-catching graphics

High-converting promo


Ready-made revenue-generating sales letters


thank you pages

Mind maps

Useful cheat sheets

Professionally-designed banners

Legal pages

The Sky Is The Limit...

You have so many different options to choose from, and different ways to skyrocket your business.


You Can Use Our PLR Products As If They Were Your Own Products

Just put your name on it, start selling it and keep 100% of the profits. It can’t get easier than that!

Use Them To Promote Affiliate Products The Easy Way

If you’re running an affiliate campaign and promoting other people’s products, you can effectively use our unique PLR products to enhance your affiliate sales.

Create Wonderful, Revenue-Generating Membership Sites

You don’t have to hire unreliable freelancers or spend tons of money on content creation. Similarly, there’s no need to spend endless hours trying to create a product all by yourself...

Grab our done-for-you digital products and create membership sites in record time! 

Use Our PLR As A Second Or Even Third Upsell In Your Marketing Funnel

They say that upsells are what truly brings home the bacon... and we totally agree.

If you already have an existing funnel, and you’d like to “spice it up” with new upsells, all you have to do is deploy our PLR products, and you’re good to go.

No stress. No drama.

Offer A Local Offline Workshop

You don’t have to hire unreliable freelancers or spend tons of money on content creation. Similarly, there’s no need to spend endless hours trying to create a product all by yourself...

Grab our done-for-you digital products and create membership sites in record time! 

Are You A Coach? This Is Perfect For You..

Coaches can greatly benefit from our premium catalog of done-for-you digital products. 

It’s possible to create a coaching program what will sell like hot cakes, and without lifting a single finger.

Offer HOT Bonuses On Your Sales Pages

Bonuses bump sales automatically...

If you simply don’t have the time (or money) to create bonuses that you can throw on your current sales pages, then use our PLR products.

You’ll start selling more!

Give Our PLR Products To Your Affiliates So That They Can Promote Your Business!

It’s no secret that having an army of affiliates is the way to go if you want to generate more sales for your online business.

Well, you can give our 100% unique, high-quality products to your affiliates so that they can begin promoting day in, day out.


All the hard work is already done for you...

Need Hot Content For Your Webinar?

Webinars are probably the most effective “marketing machine,” but the problem is that you need engaging content for them.

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back on this one. We provide you with superb PLR products that you can use as content in your webinars to impress your audience... 

As you can see, the possibilities are virtually endless, and it doesn’t matter what your marketing need is... 

With our state-of-the-art, premium PLR products you’ll be able to achieve your goals by saving time, and in a cost-effective way!

What Can you do with Done-for-you PLR Content?

Actually, a lot. Whatever you dream up, including...

Lead Magnet

A powerful way to quickly build your email list.


Fill your site and demonstrate your deep expertise.


Connect face-to-face with your audience.


Quickly create gorgeous illustrations for your website.

Content Upgrades

A simple, powerful way to grow your email list.


eBooks, daily meditations, inspirational quotes and more.

Coaching Handouts

Supercharge your sessions with helpful resources.

Social Posts

Don't struggle what to post on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest

Blog Posts

Keep your site fresh and visitors always coming back.


Build your audience with live broadcasts on YouTube and Facebook.

Viral Gaphics

Graphics go viral more than anything else.

Membership Sites

Constantly have new content to give your members.

Live Streams

Build your audience with live broadcasts on YouTube and Facebook.


Keep your list hot with constant communication.


Build your footprints on iTunes and show your expertise.

Audio Books

Fills your clients ears with great material as they commute.

Physical Products

Create books, prints, calendars and more.

Enjoy Unlimited Possibilities!

Besides the uses that we listed above, you can also take advantage of our digital products to:

Boost your website traffic

Build a huge list of subscribers

Brand your business the right way

Make more sales

Acquire new high-quality leads

Double your customers

Save time, money and worries

​And much, much more...

As you can see, there are multiple ways to use our PLR products,

and all of them will help you to grow your business faster!

We’ve been recognized as JV Zoo tops affiliates:

You see, we have a burning passion when it comes to creating PLR digital products, and we have TONS of years of experience under our belt.

Our motivation is to see our customers succeed and run businesses that are more profitable -- that’s why we do what we do.

Also, we have under our wing a team of awesome professionals who help us create outstanding, high-octane PLR products almost on a daily basis.

Prolific native English writers

​Photoshop gurus with experience

Skilled project managers

Professional product creators

Along with us (Justin and me), we’re the dream PLR team

-- highly motivated individuals with ONE thing in mind:

Create The BEST PLR Products


“Happy Campers” Who Can Vouch For Our Work:

There’s a reason why our customers love us... and that reason is QUALITY.


Are You Ready To Finally Unleash
The Power Of PLR Products?

Smart, savvy marketers and online entrepreneurs know that time is money, and that’s why they rely on PLR products for their businesses.

It makes sense, because when you have everything done for you, your business suddenly starts running faster and more smoothly.

That’s the end goal:

…To be able to produce solid content for your business in the fastest way possible!

The PLR HOUSE is the ONLY resource that you’ll ever need... and we’re sure that our ready-made, top notch PLR will live up to your expectations!

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