There are many reasons for modifying PLR content so it is more unique,  You learned a bit about how to modify by using the content in a different way, now learn some tips to change the content itself, to make it more unique.

You can start with simple changes like adding your own opinion or adding examples. In order to make sure it suits all their customers, PLR providers often do not include strong opinions or personal examples. After all, if the PLR provider is a strong believer in home schooling children and puts that in his or her articles, then a person who is not in favor of home schooling can’t use the articles, and is less likely to buy any content from the seller,  Another example would be if the PLR provider is a single mom with three children and she uses examples of her life in the content, then it would not work well for a customer who is male and has never had children.

By making the content less generic and more suited to your own situation, you can make it far more unique with relatively small changes to the content. It does not have to be a tell all about your life, just share some experiences that add to the content and fit with it,  For example, if you buy an ebook about weight loss and fitness, you might include a few examples of your own battles with weight loss,

You can add your own formatting and punctuation changes. Maybe take some bullet points and change them into sub headings and add more details to each one, or take paragraphs and change them into bullet points. You might add some images that help illustrate points the content is making,

Put it into your “voice.” All writers have their own style, and you want to make sure that everything you distribute with your name on it sounds like you. Are you more formal or informal? Do you use large words or simple vocabulary? Do you tend to ramble a bit or get right to the point? Are you funny or serious? All these elements make up your style and your brand. Read through any PLR content and change the parts that just don’t sound like “you.”

Take stuff out or add stuff in. Besides adding opinions and examples, you can also modify it by adding more content, or taking some of the content out. Maybe some of the content is a bit outdated, and you want to update it, By mixing in other content, you can take even poorly written PLR and turn it into something worth having your name on it.

Modify it to better fit your niche. If you get an ebook on general weight loss, you could modify to be primarily information that fits overweight women over the age of 40, or how to lose weight when you have Type 2 Diabetes. If you have content about how to train your dog, modify it by adding specific breed information and tips so you can change it to how to train your German Shepherd or how to train your Siberian Husky, Cut it apart, rearrange, and reformulate. If you want to make sure everything you send to your market and put on your website is unique, restructuring PLR content is a simple solution. You can combine two articles together, or chop a larger one into several pieces.

Add some of your own content at the beginning and end of a PLR article, or just rearrange the order, changing up the transitions accordingly. For instance, in a PLR product that was entitled “7 Ways to Finally Lose Weight” – you could switch around the numbers if you wanted.

You can add quotes and statistics to your PLR to add more weight, and to make it stand out from the rest of the PLR content out there. If your content ties in with some kind of historical or current event you can use that to add more to your PLR, For example, if you are writing an article or report about guns, you could include a short history of how guns were invented and used. You could also use some recent news stories or legal decisions to add more depth to your article or report.

The important thing is the new material has to connect with what is in the PLR content so it flows together well.  You want it to appear as a seamless whole story, and not like you just added the quotes, statistics, or event details, just to grab the attention of the writer and then present something else, That is basically a form of bait and switch and is frowned upon by readers. Make sure the added material fits in with the rest of the content and it becomes enhanced.

More involved ways of making the PLR more unique have to do with rewriting it or hiring a ghostwriter to rewrite it. By doing this more intense step, you will insure your content is far more unique. Hiring a ghostwriter to rewrite something that is already written is usually a bit less than if they write something from scratch and have to do all the research as well.  It will still cost some money since many ghostwriters charge by the word, even for rewrites.

You could rewrite it yourself. You may wonder if you are rewriting it all, why bother getting the PLR in the first place? First of all, rewriting usually takes less time than writing from the beginning, You have little or no research to do, You avoid developing writer’s block since you are are not staring at a blank page,

You can use the PLR as a starting point and then expand on it from there, like taking 10 articles and turning them into a short report for an opt in or a bonus.  You could take an ebook and break it up into articles or blog posts and then rewrite them to make them more unique. Especially for blog posts, you should rewrite PLR because ranking is better when the content is fresher.

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