In this post, I am going to explain how you can sell high-quality PLR as it is and make a lot of money.

If you have been involved with online marketing for any length of time you will know that having your own product is the best way to go

Affiliate marketing is OK but you are normally on a percentage commission and you do not own the customers

The other downside of affiliate marketing is that products are removed all of the time at the whim of the product owner

And that sucks if you have spent time, effort and money promoting that product

So now you know that creating your own product is the best thing for you to do how do you go about doing this?

Well you could try and do all of this yourself – good luck with that!

You will need to come up with a successful idea for a product

You will then have to create the product from scratch

Look the bottom line is that it will take you at least 100 hours to create your own product

And that is if you have the skills to create it yourself

If you have to outsource parts of it, or even all of it, then you will be looking at an investment in the thousands of dollars

OK you can make the money back, and more if the product sells really well

But why take that chance when there is a much easier way?

That easier way is buying PLR packages and selling them

I am going to show you an easy 10 step process for success with this strategy

It is much easier than you think

Before we start I want to give you a word of warning:

There is a lot of poor quality PLR out there!

If you buy this low quality PLR and then sell it you are going to have a lot of unhappy customers.

There will be a lot of refund requests.

And more importantly you will damage your online reputation beyond repair!

So step one in this process is:

Buy the highest quality PLR

You must purchase high quality PLR that your customers will be delighted with.

How can you be sure that the PLR is high quality?

That’s easy – just get all of your PLR from [URL]

We only hire the very best people to create our PLR packages.

The best content writers

The best copywriters for our sales pages and email swipes

The best graphic designers

The best video creators

What all of this means is that you can be sure that you are purchasing the highest quality PLR available.

Your customers will be blown away by the quality of the product that they receive from you

Step two of the process is:

Choose a niche that is in demand

The last thing that you want to do is to invest in a PLR package that nobody wants to buy

You need to check that any PLR package you are thinking of purchasing is in demand

If you are new to online marketing then there are three niches that you can always count on as being in demand

These are

Make money online


Self help

There are millions of searches for information on these three niches every single day

And none of them show any signs of letting up

People will always be interested in money, health and their self development

Within these niches are sub niches

So for example in the health niche a hot sub niche right now is the immune system

People want to know how to boost their immune system to protect themselves from the threat of the coronavirus

There are hundreds of thousands of searches on Google alone for keywords like how to boost your immune system

Now if you had a high quality PLR package on this subject then you could make a lot of money right?

Well we have just launched one that you will love

Click the first link in the description to check it out

So you need to be sure that the niche topic is in demand

With all of our packages we tell you what the demand is in terms of search volume

So you cannot go wrong

Step three of the process is:

Only buy PLR packages that have a ready to go funnel

When you purchase a high quality PLR package you want to make sure that everything is included

There are some PLR sellers that will provide you with a high quality ebook and that’s it

So this means you have to create or outsource the following:

High converting sales page

High quality thank you pages

Graphics for the ebook and the sales page

A high converting sales video

High quality articles to drive traffic to the product

High converting promotional banners

A helpful cheatsheet and resource report

A useful mindmap for the customer

High converting email swipes

High converting social media images for promotion

That is a lot of work. It is a complete funnel that you need to ensure maximum sales of your product

So only go for PLR packages that include all of these things

It will then be easy for you to just set everything up and then start driving traffic to your product

When you purchase high quality PLR packages from [URL] you get all of these things and more…

When you have a done for you funnel like this you can get started immediately

And money loves speed!

Step four of the process is:

Add your Name or your Brand to the package

It should be easy for you to add your name or your brand or both to your PLR package

People like to buy from real people

So be sure to add your name to the following:

The product as the author

The sales page

The thank you page

The email swipes

So to add your name to the main guide just open it in Microsoft word and add your name to the first page and the last page

For the sales and thank you pages you will need to replace the term “Your Name” with your actual name

You can use a free HTML editor to do this

For the email swipes you can just open them in Microsoft word or as text files and add your name at the bottom

Step five in the process is:

Setting your Price

If you buy high quality PLR packages from [URL] you can easily sell the products for $47.

You need to decide on the right price and then change this on the sales page

Then setup your buy button with your payment processor for the same price

We will discuss payment processors next

Step six of the process is:

Getting a Payment Processor

You need a way to collect money from the sale of your products.

This is best achieved using a payment processor

Examples of payment processors are:




What a payment processor will do is accept payments on your behalf and send you the majority of the money after they have deducted their commission

It is important that you use a payment processor that works in your country

There is no point in getting a lot of money in if you can’t get it out!

The three payment processors that I mentioned above all have a feature where you can send money directly to your bank account

But PayPal only works with banks in certain countries

And Stripe is the same

2Checkout works for almost any country

There are other payment processors available so do your research on this

Once you have a payment processor that works for your country you can create buy buttons and add these to your sales page

So when someone purchases the money will be deposited in your payment processor account

The payment processor will provide the html code that you need to insert in your sales page

Use a free html editor to add the payment buttons in the right places

Don’t worry it is really easy to do

Step seven in the process is:

Setting up your Autoresponder

I have some good news and bad news for you

The bad news is that not everyone who sees your sales page is going to buy your product right away no matter how good the sales copy is

You need a way to keep in touch with the people that are interested in your product and the best way to do this is through email marketing

To make email marketing work you will need an autoresponder

This is a service that sends out emails for you automatically

Some popular autoresponder service providers are;


Get Response


There are others too

You pay a monthly fee of around $20 for this service

You will be able to capture the email addresses of your visitors and then add follow up emails in your autoresponder that will be sent to them

After receiving your emails more people will buy your product

How great is that?

Once you have set everything up in your autoresponder you can create an optin form for your website

It is easy to add this to a web page and there are training videos to show you how to do this

I will talk more about email marketing a little later

Step eight in the process is:

Modify the Download pages

You will need to change the download links on your thank you pages so they point to your domain name and the right file path

You are going to upload your product to your web hosting and you need to make a note of the file path

Change the link in your download page to this new path

Step nine in the process is:

Upload all of the files to your Website

You do have a website don’t you?

If not then you really need one to sell products

It will add a lot of credibility

All you need is a domain name and some web hosting

You can get a domain name for around $10 a year from Namecheap or GoDaddy

Web hosting will cost around $12 a month and you can use a service like Hostgator

OK so now you need to upload everything

The easiest way to upload everything is to use FTP

You can use a free FTP tool like Filezilla to do this

Another way you can upload everything is by using the File Manager in cpanel

Be sure to test everything

Step ten in the process is:

Drive Traffic to your offer

This is the really fun part

You want to drive traffic to your sales page to make sales

You can use a variety of methods such as:

Social media marketing

YouTube marketing

Search engine marketing

Article marketing

Writing blog posts

Email marketing

Guest posting

Banner ads

There are numerous ways to drive traffic to your product sales page

You can use free traffic tactics or paid tactics

Paid tactics will get you results faster

The more traffic that you drive to your offer the more money that you will make

Other ways to make even more money

With our PLR packages we have a onetime offer page where you can grab some additional goodies to make more money

On this page you will find:

High quality video tutorials you can sell

Done for you high converting upsell sales page

Done for you high quality thank you page

High converting optin page

High quality giveaway report to get visitors to optin to your email list

Follow up emails for the upsell

High quality graphics

And more…

So there you have it

10 easy steps to make a lot of money from selling high quality PLR

Take action right now

Visit the link in the description to check out our high quality PLR packages

Choose the one that you want to start with and get everything setup

Drive traffic and watch the money roll in

=>High Quality PLR Products You Can Sell As It Is

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