PLR is one of the ultimate shortcuts to growing your business.

It saves a TON of time and money.

Unfortunately, I see VERY few marketer’s using PLR properly including our buyers?Check how many PLR products collecting dust on your hard drives.

There are hundreds of ways to leverage PLR materials but hereby I wanted to share 8 different ways.

Let’s get the ball rolling…

1. Sell the PLR product to your customers. One of the best ways to leverage PLR is to use it immediately after purchase it as a product branded with your name.

2. Membership Sites. One of the ways you can leverage PLR is by using it to create a stream of income that is recurring. This means that you’re creating what is typically called a “membership site.”

2. Blog Articles. Add a unique intro. Add in your affiliate links. Rewrite a bit to put it in your own voice and you could literally put an entire month’s worth of blog content on autopilot. Simply setup WordPress to drip-feed your articles every few days.

3. Webinars.
 Use PLR content as the basis for a webinar presentation. Create some nice powerpoint slides and then approach other marketer’s to present your webinar to thier list. Use the free to turn this into a massive lead generator.

4. Podcasts. Whip out your headset and Audacity and repurpose your PLR into audio. You can then submit your recording to podcast directories like iTunes for extra traffic 

6. Affiliate Bonuses. Affiliate marketing is becoming more and more competitive. You need something extra to compete in the latest product launch. You can use PLR to create unique bonus packages for any affiliate product you’re promoting. Plus, now ‘a days you can get PLR to WordPress themes, templates, plugins, and software.

7. Autoresponder Sequence. A lot of people ask me what they sort of content they should be emailing their subscribers. PLR makes this super simple. Simply break up your PLR into short articles, create a unique intro and outro for each and load it up into your autoresponder.

8. Bonus: PLR can be leveraged to give prospective buyers an added incentive to purchase a product through your affiliate link.

Now I’d love to hear some of your ideas!!

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