Selling PLR products is one of the simplest and easiest ways to start making money online, no doubt. Essentially, this is a ready-made business and all you have to do is set it up and let it start bringing in cash.

Most people reading this will already know what PLR is. But for those who don’t, let’s have a quick recap… Essentially, PLR stands for ‘Private Label Rights’ and this describes a product (often a digital product, such as an ebook), that you have the rights to sell and even edit any way you choose. You don’t need to include the details of the original creator and to all extents and purposes, you can act as though the product is yours. You pay a one off fee for the product plus the right to sell it and from there you can let the cash start rolling in. The best part is that many PLR products are ‘biz in a box’ types, meaning that you don’t just get the ebook but also the sales page, extras to help it sell and more. You just have to upload it, point traffic at it and let the magic happen!

Of course though, the success of these businesses is always ultimately going to come down to the quality of the product. You need to choose a product that is appealing enough to sell to a big audience but also one that is well suited to your current situation and the tools you have at your disposal.

Get this wrong and you’ve just wasted a bunch of cash. Get it right and you will have a steady flow of income that can make your life easier for years or even decades to come.

So how do you choose?

What’s Included?

The first thing to consider is what is actually included and that means you should look for not only the materials you can use to sell your product but also the extras and freebies that the creator has thrown in to help make the whole package more appealing to buyers.

Selling an ebook for $20 might work but a lot of people will feel it is a waste of money as all they’re effectively getting is a PDF.

But throw in a mind map, a cheat sheet, some extra resources… and suddenly you now have a compelling package with lots of added value.

Meanwhile, if you get things like blog posts and sales pages then you will be able to build more of a relationship with your audience, improve your ranking and prime them to want to make a purchase.

The ideal PLR package then should offer the most value to you but also your audience.


What’s the Value Proposition?

Now you need to think about how you’re actually going to sell people on the dream of your book or course. Why should they be excited for it? How are you going to make them want to click that ‘buy’ button and part with their hard earned cash?

The key is to look for the value proposition. A value proposition essentially means the thing that you’re offering that is more than just the sum of your product’s parts. If you sell a book, then you aren’t just selling a PDF really – you’re selling a dream.

When you sell a fitness ebook for example, what you’re really selling is the dream of better health, of more energy and of a sexier body. People might not be willing to pay for a PDF but they are more than happy to pay for the confidence they get from having toned abs! It’s a subtle difference but having a compelling value proposition like this is what will make people really want your product and be willing to spend lots of money on it.

What is it that your product can do for people? And is that something people can get excited for? Is this communicated well in the marketing material?

What Are Your Routes to Market?

What are you going to do once you’ve bought your PLR product? The sales page and blog posts should be enough to draw people to your brand and get them interested in your product. Meanwhile, the product itself should be compelling enough that people want to buy.

But a few blog posts aren’t enough to bring in a steady audience on its own – you’re going to have to do a little marketing. Your job is simply to find the right kinds of people and then connect them to your product so they can be wowed by your free content and compelled by the vision you’re offering.

This is where it pays to think about the channels you currently have access to. Do you have a blog of your own? Or a big social media channel? If so, then you have a direct way to communicate with the very people you want to sell your product with.

In other words – find the product that matches your audience.

Failing that, if you don’t have an audience, think about what other routes to markets you might have available. For example, you might be a prominent member of a big forum on a particular topic, or you might have a useful contact who can get word out for you.

If you have a route to market like this and you can find the right product to match it with, then you can make a huge amount of money with very little work.

Otherwise, it’s about the product and what marketing opportunities it naturally creates. That means you need to find something with a broad appeal but with a niche focus that will provide you with a natural selection of forums, social media groups and more where you can place ads and get people to flood in.

Think about the marketing and how you’ll make a hit of a product before you hit buy. This way, you’ll be ready to launch right away and maximize your sales. This way you will get the value you are expecting!

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