Most of the PLR you will find out there is frankly not that good without rewriting it, and even needing to do some additional research to make sure it is accurate and up to date, If you are looking for content that you are willing to have rewritten or rewrite yourself, then any PLR will do. You can find really cheap deals on large volumes of low quality stuff that is out of date or poorly written many places,  Much of it may already be on your hard drive collecting dust,

High quality PLR may be harder to find, but can be well worth the cost, the effort, and the energy.  And the most high quality is that which has limited sales. Because fewer people are buying it, there is a lot less involved in making it more unique.  However, limited PLR also tends to be the most expensive, though not as much as hiring a ghostwriter to write exclusive content,

There are providers though who do not limit the sales of their PLR, but still keep the quality high because they research their material well, and they write well. It is far easier to modify a well written piece of content than a poorly written one. You often have far less research to do as well with high quality PLR, because the seller works hard to make sure the material is up to date and accurate at least to the time the content was written.

Before buying PLR, make a checklist that includes what you need in the way of content and which niches you are looking for. Find people who specialize in writing PLR as either a large part of their business, or as the main part of their business. People like this are far more likely to have an invested interest to make sure they keep producing well written and accurate content, Even if they outsource it to other writers, they will keep the quality high because they need satisfied customers to keep their business successful.

Look for content written by native speakers. In many cases, this will be English, Which means, you will want the writers to be from places like the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and so on. They are likely to be more expensive, because they are in high demand and live in areas with fairly high cost of living,  Obviously you can go cheaper, but you will have to do more work to make it grammatically correct and flow the way English should flow, If you are looking for another language this rule still applies.  So if you want articles in French, it is best to find a native French speaker.

Another point to look at when picking out PLR is what are your rights to the content, High quality PLR rarely has completely unrestricted rights because that will lower the quality. If everyone can have it and pass out PLR rights to everyone, then everyone will have it. Some providers have fairly simple rules like do not pass on PLR rights to your customers. Other PLR sellers will add a bunch of complicated rules on how you can use it and you may find it very confusing.

Rights should be fairly clear and uncomplicated.  Make sure you have the right to put your name on it, and the right to modify it as you need to. Most good PLR providers do encourage you to modify it because they know that keeps the quality high and makes it more unique.

Also see if you can get samples or a freebie pack from the seller. Often you will have to sign up for their list, but that is a good idea anyway. By seeing how they market to their list, you can get a better idea of their content and their marketing practices, Most reputable PLR providers will have samples or a freebie pack available before you buy from them,

Check for testimonials from reputable people who have reviewed or bought from them. Often in launches people remember to add their testimonials right into the sales copy and they may or may not have them on their stores, If they do not have any, ask them for referrals by satisfied customers or reviews of their content.  If they can’t or won’t provide that for you, go somewhere else,

See who promotes them, You can tell a lot about a PLR seller by who is willing to be their affiliate or in some other fashion, promote them. If you see people you respect suggesting that a specific person has high quality content, that is a good sign they are someone to buy from, because they are getting promoted by quality people, If the only people that promote someone are just in it for the money they get as an affiliate, and do not care about their list, then chances are the quality is not that good,

Check with others you know who sell high quality PLR. Keep in mind, that PLR providers are a small group relatively speaking, and most know each other. So if you have a friend in the market who you buy from and ask them for references to others they know and trust, they will give you their short list of other quality PLR providers.

In fact, if you are looking for something in a specific niche that your friend is not selling, they may do one of two things, they may say give me a few days and I will make you a pack in that niche, or they might say oh I know who you should go to for that. Good PLR sellers often will refer customers looking for something specific to each other as part of their customer service, even if they are not an affiliate,

So in your search for high quality PLR, there are many ways to insure you get the content you need at a reasonable price.  You just need to do your research and use these tips, and others, to make sure you get the content you need to make your life easier as you grow your business.

How do I find the top quality PLR for courses on Internet marketing and selfhelp niche?

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