Limited Time Special Private Offer For Buyers Only!

Limited Time Special Private Offer For Buyers Only!

"Multiply your income by getting full private label rights to our newest best-selling products we created in 2021 for a one time price"

"Multiply Your Income By Getting Full Private Label Rights To Our Newest, Best-Selling Products We Created In 2020 For A One Time Price"

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The "Empire In A Box" Bundle


A Total Of 12 High Quality Biz In A Box With PLR Rights For A One Time Price

Coping With Stress

Complete Sales Funnel With PLR

Attitude Of Grattitude  

Complete Sales Funnel With PLR

A Beginners Guide To Visualization  

Complete Sales Funnel With PLR

Find Your WHY To

Get Unstuck

Complete Sales Funnel With PLR

Breaking Bad Habits

Complete Sales Funnel With PLR

Boost Your Immune System

Complete Sales Funnel With PLR

Get What Your
Really Want

Complete Sales Funnel With PLR

Influencer Secrets

Complete Sales Funnel With PLR

Stop Worrying What Other People Think Of You

Complete Sales Funnel With PLR

The Winning Mindset Formula

Complete Sales Funnel With PLR

The Real Law Of Attraction Code

Complete Sales Funnel With PLR

Motivation Power

Complete Sales Funnel With PLR

Every Single “PLR Package” Inside This Special EMPIRE Bundle Includes…

Training Guide/Ebook  

Each month, you’ll be given a unique and completely updated 10,000+ words Training Guide. it’s up-to-date, informative, and includes the most useful, cutting edge information on the topic for that month’s PLR product.

Cheat Sheet

The cheat sheet is an excellent tool for your customers. It simply and effectively breaks down each and every aspect of the training for them into easily actionable steps. This will allow them to more quickly master the process each month.

Mind Map

This mind map outlines everything your customers are going to be learning throughout the training. It'll show them the steps and make it easy to follow along with as they're going through each part, in order to allow them to absorb everything more smoothly.


This mini-site will give you literally everything you need to quickly setup your page and start earning money. All the HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc (as well as the site content) has been completely written for you in advance, so you don't have to list a finger.

Sales Letter

This is a sales page which was written strictly for conversions, meaning you don't have to even think about writing sales copy on your own, or pay a Professional Copywriter $1,000's to do it. Just start sending traffic right to it, and kick back and relax, as the sales roll in.

Swipe E-mails

These swipe e-mails can be used to help promote your new product. Your affiliates can simply send these out to their list, and then everyone will start bringing in some serious profit. As with all our Copy, these were written by a Professional Copywriter as well, and geared towards getting a high open and click-through rate, ensuring that you enjoy the largest amount of profit possible.


These banners are designed to get you clicks, so you can immediately start with a media buying campaign, without having to create any banners yourself. Designed by a Professional Graphic Designer, they're stunning, professional-looking, and will help you to generate traffic right away.


You're going to get the complete set of professionally designed graphics, including any CD/DVD covers, artwork necessary to sell the product, and a whole lot more. This will make the training more presentable, and much easier to sell. You'll be given the image files in PSD format, so you'll be able to edit them however you want, and make them all your own. Add any logos or images you want to any or all of them.

Training Videos

These aren't just 10 random videos which are thrown together, but they include the absolute latest, and most cutting-edge information on whatever the topic is for that particular month. They're also HQ videos, so your buyers can tell right away they're getting a quality product. These videos will be a step by step guide which will take your customers by the hand, and show them exactly what to do to succeed with that month's product.

Audio Files  

On top of the videos and presentation slides, we'll also give you the complete audio series as well. This means that if your customers want to load the audio files onto their MP3 Player and listen to them in their car, or in the gym, they can do that as well...  

Upsell Sales Copy

Aside from the primary sales copy, you'll also receive all the sales copy which you need to sell your upsell offer and this is ALSO written by a Professional Copywriter as well. Having an upsell offer can DOUBLE, even TRIPLE how much money you earn overall, so you'll get your investment back here several times over.  

Upsell Minisite  

Don't just enjoy the sales copy which you need to promote your upsell offer, but get the entire minisite for it as well, so you can simply upload it to your host, add the copy, and you're ready to begin offering your upsell (for whatever price you choose). We really couldn't make this any easier for you... all the coding's completely done for you.

Affiliate Page

For anyone who buys your initial offer, but who doesn't go for the upsell you'll also be given a full follow-up series which will entice to sign up for the upsell after a few e-mails. Just like all the other Copy, it's written by a Pro Copywriter, in order to get as many people to upgrade as possible... putting EVEN MORE money into your bank account.

PowerPoint Slides

The video series will include a set of PowerPoint slides, and these will be given to you separately. You can give them to your customer as an added bonus, in case they want to study them in slideshow format, or, you can use them in any way you want. For example, you could host a webinar or create an automated webinar where you use the PowerPoint slides to teach, and then sell the main product or another product as an upsell, it's up to you.

Squeeze Page

We've designed a squeeze page to allow you to do just that. It's written with compelling, persuasive copy to get people to feel like they absolutely HAVE TO enter in their e-mail address and get that free report right away. It's also designed with Conversion Rate Optimization in-mind, so you can bet it will give you the highest conversion rate possible. You can send traffic right to this squeeze page, and start making money off the list you're building right away.


Getting articles of this type from a ghostwriter would cost $25 per article or more, but here you can have it for free.These articles are 100% unique around the subject for multiple uses. Use the articles to create scripts for YouTube videos Use them in your auto responder series. Re-word them for website content. Regardless of how you plan to use the articles, you will have content you can be proud to call your own. Each article is at least 500 words in length.


You’ve probably heard the phrase “A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words…” It’s so true. People learn and remember best by looking at something, not just reading it. That’s why infographics, like these, are all the rage right now. These are gorgeous and are worth more than what you’ll invest in this entire package today.  


eCovers really bring a digital product to life. It’s proven that having high-quality, life-like eCovers for your digital products increase buyer confidence and conversions. That’s why we’re going to include 10 beautifully designed eCovers that you can use in any way you wish. If you hired a designer to create beautiful eCovers like this, you could easily find yourself spending hundreds of dollars...

You Would Easily 
Spend $45,000,Or
More, To Create All Of This Together...

If you were going to have all of this created, it would take you countless hours just to oversee the project, and AT LEAST $45,000…

Of course you won’t spend anywhere near that today…

You won’t spend $2,500…

…or even $997




100% Money Back Guarantee. Risk Free.

(PRODUCT ACCESS: Product is delivered right after payment day or night, even if it’s 2AM. Product download instructions and confirmation of purchase will be sent to the email you enter at checkout right after purchase.)


Can be packaged with other products.
Can be edited completely, add to content, take apart, renamed or sell as is.
Can Add This Product to a Paid Membership Site.
Can be used to create audio/webinar/video products.
Can Give Away The Product (NOT The Source Code Files) To Your Subscribers, Members or Customers as a Bonus or Gift.
Can change sales page and/or graphics.
Can be translated into other languages.
Can give away for free in exchange of a lead.
Can claim full authorship with no attribution.
Can edit or create your own covers for this product.
Can be used in physical products.
Can Sell resell rights.
Can sell master resell rights.
Can sell private label rights.
Offered through auction sites, dime sales/firesales or on Fiverr.
Sell or giveaway your license to the content
You can’t edit or flip to sell in your PLR store!
Add to free membership sites.
Sold as a Kindle book (against Amazon's terms of service and can get your account banned).


Sajan Elanthoor

Justin Opay