How Would You Like To Make A Killing By Selling

*Kick-Ass*, Cash Inducing Niche Products

Without Breaking A Sweat?

Let a professional team of highly-skilled marketers create...

From Scratch

A Mind-Blowing


Product launch for you... And finally start generating passive profits day in, day out!

How Would You Like To Make A Killing By Selling

*Kick-Ass*, Cash Inducing Niche Products

Without Breaking A Sweat?

Let a professional team of highly-skilled marketers create...

From Scratch

A Mind-Blowing


Product launch for you... And finally start generating passive profits day in, day out!


Sajan & Justin From The PLR HOUSE

(Expert Product Creators And Ninja Marketers)


Get a fully done-for-you, professional sales funnel tailored to your needs... And launch your own sizzling hot niche product in record time!

Fellow Internet Marketer,

It’s no secret that if you want to make a killing online, you need to start selling your very own info-products to the masses.

The problem is...

Creating a hot-selling info-product is a total pain in the a**.


It’s time consuming.

It’s hard...

...And if you don’t know what you’re doing, you might put your heart and soul into something that only ends up selling only a measly copy or two. 

(Trust me, it happens too often... and it’s not cool.)

The TRUTH is:

Although product launches can generate the type of cash that could set you free from the chains of your soul-crushing 9-5 job...

You Can’t Do It All By Yourself...

That’d Be MADNESS.

You Definitely Need A Friendly Hand From A Team Of Professional,

 Seasoned Product Creators To The
Do The Heavy Lifting For You...

Believe it or not, today is your lucky day.

Because you’ll finally have the chance to launch your own hyper-successful info-product business and unleash a tsunami of automatic, passive SALES.

Yes, that’s correct...

You can get a fully DONE-FOR-YOU product launch without lifting a single finger.

Without putting in effort...

And without complicating your life.

You’ll be able to make effortless, 24/7 sales with a tailor-made, turn-key funnel that will send your conversion rates through the roof... 100% guaranteed!

This Is A TRUE, SOLID Business In A Box

That Will Catapult YOU From Where You Are Right Now To Total And Utter Success 

(Even If You’re A Complete Newbie!)

My name is Sajan, and my partner Justin and I have been in the product launch game for quite a long time now (over [Insert Amount Of Years Here] years).

We’ve created hundreds upon of hundreds of high-converting funnels and info-products for our clients and ourselves...

And let me tell you, we’ve narrowed the product launch process down to a science; we know exactly what to do in order to convert traffic into paid customers.

We have a proven, sales-generating funnel creation process that, once put into action, results in a never-ending stream of passive sales... consistently and predictably.

And today, for a very limited time, I want to offer you the key to your very own insanely lucrative, made-to-order business…

Let Me Introduce You To:

Done For You Launch Services

Your Own Sizzling Hot, Profitable Info-Product Business Done For You!

Done For You Launch Services is a premium info-product creation service where we’ll work super hard for you, and then we’ll hand over the keys to your own high-voltage business that will produce income for you on autopilot.

It’s the perfect opportunity to finally jump onto the bandwagon of a BILLION-DOLLAR industry and claim your slice of the pie.

We do the work, you make the money.

As simple as that.

The best part is that you don’t need to have technical skills, any prior experience, or be a “marketing wizard”...

We’ll take care of the WHOLE process -- from A to Z -- while you sit back and relax... and watch how your account receives $47, $97 and even $197 payments all day long.

This Is What

We’ll Do For You:

Select A Hyper-Profitable Niche For You

a niche FULL of buyers with credit cards in hand ready to be used... Think about it: desperate buyers= $$$ in your account.

Get You A Killer, Memorable
Domain Name

that your customers won’t forget easily 

Offer You Step-By-Step, Useful Guidance

on the tools that you need to get in order to launch your super profitable info-product business lightning-fast

Design A Solid, Enticing Outline For Your Top-Notch Digital Products

We’ll get the ball rolling once you approve them.

Select A Hyper-Profitable

Niche For You

A fantastic 15-page lead magnet, a high-quality, step-by-step 50-page report, and a terrific 50-page upsell guide. All of the materials are listed in a step-by-step fashion and will solve a problem your target market has (again... people will gladly pay for your product).

Create an impactful, fully-functional, high-converting and attractive website

that will be the storefront for your new, sizzling hot, profitable 24/7 digital product business

Craft a high-converting video sales letter, slides, voiceovers of convincing squeeze pages, converting sales pages, money-making email autoresponders, profitable upsells, down sells...

ALL of the persuasive sales material will be written for you (Forget about banging your head against the wall because of copywriting... We do everything for you.)

Create a powerful affiliate and JV page where you can recruit an army of affiliates

that will promote your product like crazy

Set up your account on Warrior Plus, Clickbank, JvZoo, or any other network of your choice

(We’ll even work hand-in-hand with you until you get 100% approval and are ready to collect juicy payments from your customers.)

...And much, much more!

As you can see, you’re getting a full-blown, ready-to-be-deployed autopilot funnel that takes only 30 minutes per day to run.

And once it’s LIVE, you’ll finally be the owner of an online business that’s not only super easy to manage, but is also extremely profitable!

The Endless Benefits

 Of Our VIP Premium Funnel-Creation Service...

Your very own online information business that will run on autopilot (It’s a set and forget approach... you can run this insanely profitable business just in your spare time.)

Sky-high conversion rates -- The info-product we’ll create for you will be designed with ONE criteria in mind, and that is CONVERSIONS. That’s why you can expect to turn visitors into paid customers over and over again.

A round-the-clock, friendly and professional customer service that will be there for you, and guide you through the whole process -- You’ll get constant updates, be able to interact with us and be at all times informed about the progress of your launch.

We do the hard work, and you make money: Exactly, you only have to sit back and relax. We’ll take care of everything --- And the final product will be a stellar, conversion-crushing sales funnel system DONE FOR YOU.

A lightning-fast turnaround time that will shock you -- We’ll get the job done CORRECTLY and QUICKLY. You don’t need to wait endless months in order to get your turn-key, super profitable info-product business.

A professional attitude towards you -- Unlike other marketers, we truly take you seriously, and once you take the plunge and decide to work hand-in-hand with us, you’ll see that the whole experience will simply delight you.

...And much more!

This Is A Unique Opportunity

To Finally Start Making A Significant Income Online!

This is probably the breakthrough that you’ve been desperately looking for...

Think about it:

A wildly profitable, autopilot and KILLER funnel created by a “dream team” of marketers and product creators with TONS of years under their belts.

Plus, it’s absolutely ALL done for you, so that you don’t have to lift a finger... and you can finally be the proud owner of an online business that collects payments every day.

What can be better than that?

Do You Want Your Automated Online Business Working 24/7 For You? If So, You Better Hurry Up...

Due To The Nature Of This Service, There’s ONLY A Few Spots Available,

And They Will Be Scooped Up FAST.

Creating a top-notch, money-making funnel is not an easy task, that’s why it takes TONS of time and EFFORT to create one.

We’d like to help as many infopreneurs as possible, but due to the nature of this service, we can only accept [Insert Number Of People Here] per month.

We definitely don’t want to sacrifice quality for quantity, so when the spots are gone, they’re gone for good...

That’s why time is of the essence, and since you’re reading this right now, you better take action NOW, before it’s too late.

Don’t Postpone Your Decision,

And Contact Us RIGHT NOW To Secure Your Spot!

Again, act fast if you don’t want to miss out on this exclusive opportunity to get a white-hot, kick-ass sales funnel ready to make you passive money...

Remember, there are ONLY a few spots available, and if you snooze, you lose.

We look forward to working with you!

Sajan & Justin.

[Insert Pictures Here]

P.S. Remember that once my team and I get to work, we’ll come up with a MONEY-MAKING product that will sell like hot cakes. You don’t need to do anything; we’ll do it for you.

Reach out now... before it’s too late: